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Property Management System

Besides to the common administrative functions, our Property Management System allows the setting of all administration parameters, both ordinary and extraordinary: rooms type and availability, pricing, seasonality, customer profiles, invoices, customers arrivals, departures, voucher discounts, etc..
Thanks to its intuitive and complete graphical interface you will have everything under control in the blink of an eye.

Access your hotel whenever and wherever you want!

Rate Calculator intelligence

Our Rate Calculator intelligence automatically determines the best stay pricing according to your requirements. Set the algorithm in few simple steps and find the best pricing according the season, duration of stay, occupancy rate, day of the week, etc. Thanks to our Rate Calculator intelligence, you can set the minimum and maximum rate range that best fit your needs and stop worrying about exceeding it. If you already have loyal customers or agreements with companies and agencies, you can register them in the system and offer customized discounts.

Channel manager

CybHotel sends the Online Travel Agency all pricing and availability changes for the different room types in real time. In addition, cybHotel automatically enters into the system the reservations coming from all sales channels. Thanks to the exclusive shared availability feature, you can choose how many rooms per room type can be sold through OTAs, while still managing to sell directly through cybHotel Booking Engine.

Payment Server

Thanks to the secure online Payment Server integrated into the cybHotel suite, your guests can easily settle their reservation account whenever they are, having a variety of electronic payment methods at their disposal. The online Payment Server is available both for OTA and cybHotel Booking Engine bookings. As to on-site payments, our Automatic Front Desk is equipped with a terminal accepting credit/debit card payments and even cash payments.

Booking Engine

Our intuitive and easy-to-use commission-free Booking Engine supports your potential guests through the booking process with a guided procedure. Depending on the selected period, the required rooms’ number and people’s number, the customers are shown the different options available for their stay. At this point, they can select any extras they might wish for and enter their personal data to access the online payment. Once the payment is verified, our Booking Engine automatically generates the invoice and provides the customers with a booking number and a confirmation email containing all the information regarding the check-in and the stay. If your guests book a room on the same day of arrival, they can immediately start the online check-in procedure.

Self Check-in and Check-out

CybHotel gives your guests the chance to Self Check-in and Check-out in just a few clicks. Your customers are in charge of their reservation, and they can manage it both remotely or at the property through automated kiosks. The procedure is very easy: the customers enter their personal data, scan their ID papers and sign to accept the conditions of stay. When checking-in, the system checks the property status and updates the occupancy plan in order to guarantee ready rooms for your guests. Afterwards, it provides the customer with the access keys for their rooms and for the common areas. CybHotel can work with different types of access keys, adapting to the peculiarities of each property.

As for check-in, customers can Self Check-out either via web app or automated kiosk.

Mobile Keyless Access

Numeric, magnetic card or Qr-code: it doesn’t matter which access system you offer at your property. Thanks to the control algorithm of our Mobile Keyless Access, the room access code remains valid for the entire duration of your customers' stay. Each room has a unique code updated after each stay, making it impossible to duplicate and fraud. If required to, the system can provide common areas surveillance with video cameras, in order to ensure the security of your guests.

Content Manager

Manage and update the website content, photos and rooms and services description whenever and however you want.

Automated Front Desk

Choosing cybHotel allows you to install an Automated Front Desk kiosk in your property’s lobby. The simple and intuitive interface provides the customers with all the main functions of self booking management. Through the kiosk it is possible to book and pay for rooms, self check-in and check-out, extend the stay and generate additional key copies. As to payments, the kiosk is equipped with a card reader and, if required, a cash payment system.

The kiosk is available in several versions, both hanging and floor-standing. Software and hardware are ep2 certified..

For further information, please visit our dedicated page!

Revenue Manager

Check your revenue in a click. Any data at any time, updated to the last transaction.

Revenue management can significantly boost the success of a hotel. As profitable as selling as many rooms as possible might be, it does not lead to the best sales results. Defining and following a clear pricing and revenue strategy is the real key to success.

Thanks to our Revenue Manager you will be able to sell the right product at the right price, at the right time, to the right customer through the right distribution channel.

Intelligent Rooms Optimization

Deeper supervision and defined planning are the foundation of a better management.

Our Intelligent Rooms Optimization system provides an innovative algorithm of occupancy optimization that automatically assigns the rooms according to each guest arrival, departure and the period of stay.

Room Cleaning System

The Room Cleaning System manages the room status and coordinates the employees in charge of cleaning the rooms. By means of a special purpose webapp, the employees have a clear overview of the workload to perform and can update the rooms status in real time. Thus, the rooms become available for check-in immediately after being cleaned. Thanks to the webapp, the employees are notified by email about rooms to be cleaned during the day and rooms that are being checked out for.
The hotel Manager can manage attendant utilities and check the progress information through the logging system.


The number and the identity of the hosted customers, already checked-in guests and clients yet to arrive, booking status: these are the daily occurrence issues of hotel managing. What if they could all be managed by one graphic interface? Active Desktop is the answer. Intuitive and always up to date, our Active Desktop allows direct access to statistical data and reporting, focusing on the data needed by your marketing and sales departments. The webapp makes historical data, situation and future projections always available wherever you are.


Completamente scalabile.

The system is designed to suit both small family-run facilities and facilities with a large room number and type.


Forget about software compatibility issues, confusing evening backups, constant updates, software maintenance, data loss, obsession with security! Thanks to our Cloud-based platform, you can overcome such drawbacks and manage your hotel sipping a nice drink on the beach: all you need is an internet connection and a browser.

Dedicated Website

Reach more customers thanks to the Dedicated Website included for free in the cybHotel suite. The website is SEO-ready and integrated with our Booking Engine  and Content Manager.